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Thank you very much for signing up with Techrodactyl. Our dashboards started off as something to help us in our MSP, but we soon realised that most other Syncro customers had the same problems and shortcomings as we experienced. It’s been our absolute pleasure to develop this software, and the thanks and praise we’ve received from our users mean the world to us. 

If you’d like to help Techrodactyl expand, add new features and generally get better, please keep us in mind when speaking with other Syncro users. Becuase our dashboards are only for syncro users, we can only advertise by word of mouth, so you’re our only hope to spread the word so we can stay in business.

We genuinely love feedback, good or bad, once you’ve had a go at your dashboard. PLEASE email us to let us know if you like it or hate it. Every email is read by either Jamie or Tim. 



Meet Jamie Patch, the self-proclaimed ‘Ideas Guy’ and whimsically-titled Emperor of Ethernet. At 16, he started in tech and hasn’t looked back, in 2023 he formed Techrodactyl,  making software sound as cool as a velociraptor with a laptop. Though his coding skills may be less ninja, more narwhal, his binary-laced dreams and Java-infused conversations mark him as the Doctor Doolittle of tech lingo. Residing in Toowoomba, Queensland, he spends quality time with his wife (still pondering the difference between JavaScript and a Java Chip Frappuccino), and their gadget-savvy daughter. Jamie’s natural habitat? Amidst the aroma of fresh coffee, orchestrating a symphony on his keyboard, and churning out the kind of tech that changes business.


LEAD DEV | CODER extraordinaire

Introducing Tim Claridge, the Maestro of Matrix and Sultan of Syntax, who effortlessly codes like Beethoven composed symphonies. Tim found his passion in the cryptic dance of 1s and 0s, and has ever since been weaving a rhapsody of algorithms. This keyboard warrior has his hands full not just with parentheses and semicolons, but also with his pair of lively kids who’ve almost decoded the secret of outsmarting their old man.

Tim’s all about the thrill of the chase, and for him, nothing comes close to the exhilarating rush of untangling the Gordian knots of complex issues, with the sheer force of his computational prowess. His secret weapon, you ask? An ever-chilled glass of iced coffee that fuels his midnight hacking adventures and breathes life into his creative code concoctions.